When relocating, you’ll normally only need to put your belongings in storage for a short period of time, just until you can transport them to your new residence. Naturally, you’ll be seeking a temporary storage option that is close as possible, value-for-money and with great customer service.

How to Choose the Best Moving Storage Option for You

When pondering the optimum moving storage choices, you should consider how well they fit your individual removals and storage requirements. Even the most affordable storage service may not be correct for you if it doesn’t match your specific needs.

Here Are a Selection of Storage Alternatives to House Your Items During a Move:

With your moving company

If you’re moving with a professional company, it just makes sense to use them for temporary storage too. Most established movers offer both removals and storage services and combining these services is your most cost-effective option, not to mention convenient too.

Should you choose to put your possessions in a self-storage unit, you’ll have to engage with multiple organisations and proceedings will be much more challenging and expensive to plan and action;

● You’ll have to coordinate schedules with the moving teams and the storage facility and to keep truck of several separate timelines;
● You’ll have to pay for the storage unit and for the transportation to and from the storage facility separately.
● You’ll have to research both moving companies and storage facilities;
● You’ll have to hire movers to take your items from your old home to the storage facility and then to hire movers to take your things out of storage to your new home;
● You’ll have to look at multiple estimates and sign several contracts;

Ultimately, if you’re planning to hire professional movers to help you with your home or office move, make sure to enquire about storage options as well. Reputable moving companies with storage add-ons provide efficient and affordable storage solutions to their clients. If you decide to move and store your stuff with the same company you’ll get a much better deal and save some cash.

Self-storage units

Self-storage facilities provide secure and easily accessible storage spaces which house your belongings as long as you require. Storage units come in various sizes (so you can rent one tailored to your needs) and can generally be hired on a month-to-month basis (no long term commitment). Most self-storage companies provide high-end security features (so your belongings will be safe there) and selective amenities, so you can store precious cargo and drive right up to the storage space etc).

Portable storage containers

Portable storage containers can be used for storing household goods and/or shipping them to another location. Comprising metal or wood, they are very durable and entirely insulated, so they provide sufficient protection to all items within them. Pod containers are available in various sizes to provide for different storage specifications and can remain at a location for as long as necessary.

We’d recommend Storage in transit (moving company storage) as the the best option when you need temporary storage between moves. It means convenience as the movers do all the work (they remove your belongings from your current home, keep them in a secure unit, transport them to your new residence, and unload them for you) whilst handling all the logistics, safety (the professionals know their role and will take excellent care of your possessions), and lower the overall cost. The move will be seamless, fluid and a lot less stressful if you store your items with your moving company.


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