Removal Costs

Removal Costs

One of the questions we get asked most often is what our removal costs are. This can be quite a tricky one to answer as each job is different.

At Lions Removals, we aim to ensure that we have the most competitive costing on the market and really try everything we can to deliver value for money for our customers.

We offer a free survey and quote for undertakings such as home or office moves so you always know what you will be paying beforehand.

If you are moving 1 or 2 items or such, we are able to give you a quote over the phone.

To give you an idea of what influences the cost of any removal, we’ve put together this quick guide and hope it helps.

 to and What Influences Removal Costs?

There are number of factors that we will look at when surveying a property and what the removal requirements are. These include:

  • The amount of property or items that you need to transport. This will usually be calculated in volume. It’s basically the amount of room that your property will take up in a truck. We then know what size vehicle or vehicles are needed to complete your removal.
  • What floor you are moving from and to. The cost to move someone to and from a 3rd floor flat with no lift would obviously be different than the same job going to and from a bungalow.
  • Where the removal is going from and to. Obviously, transport costs are going to be greater if you are moving to a new location in the UK or Europe rather than locally.
  • The time that you need the removal completing. Weekends and holiday times can mean that transportation is more expensive if there are ferries or tolls for example so it’s important to set a date that reduces your overall cost.
  • Whether there are certain items that have specialist packing or transportation requirements. Antique or unusually bulky items can be more difficult to carry and transport and need special care.
  • How easy it is to access the property and remove property may also be an issue. This can vary considerably and might even determine what size vehicle can be used. A difficult to access area may well cost a little more.
  • Additional services for your removal. This can include helping with packing and unpacking which can take considerably more time and comes at an increased cost.


How to Keep Removal Costs Down

There are a number of things you can do to help keep the costs of any removal service down. The first is to ensure that you use a company which will actually come and personally survey and quote for the work that is to be carried out. It’s important not to subject yourself to future, hidden costs and this can more reasonably be avoided if the survey is done properly.

If you are getting packing materials from the company, find out what the cost of these are and whether it might be cheaper to source from elsewhere. Also consider packing your own items to save paying for this service, and dispose of all unwanted items to reduce the amount being transported. 


Why Choose Lions Removals

We have a great track record of delivering quality removals across the North West. The first thing we do is survey your property and the items that you want to transport. Please contact us to arrange your free survey and we will then provide a no-obligation quote. This way you have a fixed price for the move you and the surveyor have discussed.