Refreshing your home and attempting to expand it? Finding temporary storage solutions during your renovation is as important as picking the right tile or paint colour. Sometimes, major projects can take months and can shut down rooms of your home. This is particularly awkward for a kitchen remodel for example.

You have to find a place for everything from your saucepans  to your microwave. During that short period of time (that will feel like forever) your house is not a home due to the disruption, in fact it is literally a building site. Nobody would want their belongings in or around a smelly, dirty construction site which is almost the opposite of comfort.

Our article contains handy tips to help guide you through your project and assist you to choose the most suitable selection of storage that suits you:

Temporary Storage Solutions Your Home

During the construction phase, whether it’s a bedroom or kitchen, usually all the items in the area being refurbished need to be removed. Identify any space in your home, such as the garage or a spare room, where you can temporarily store those belongings.

Treating it like a house move means you can replicate what you would do to prepare for switching location. The best thing to do is label each box so you know the contents and can quickly retrieve items in a moment’s notice. In some cases, like with a kitchen remodel, you’ll also need to find space for newly purchased large items such as appliances or cabinets. If this is applicable to you then put the new cabinetry in a climate controlled area until it’s installed is highly recommended.

Generally, in a kitchen or bath remodel it is in the homeowner’s best interest to set aside the use of an adjacent space. You want to make it so the contractor is close to their work and not in an area where you yourself become a hindrance to them and potentially disrupt and delay the workflow.

Secondary Food Prep Area 

Kitchen remodels are of course especially disruptive and require extra storage space and planning. And you want to make sure you’re able to eat and function even with the many unforeseen construction interruptions. How to deal with a kitchen renovation is largely up to the person and their budget, the solution has to match their lifestyle and fit their routine accordingly. It may suit some to create a temporary kitchen to use in the garage (If it’s hygienic to do so) or if climate allows, cooking outside for the duration is a great choice instead of countless deliveries of food which will hit you financially and nutritionally.

Alternatively, a basement, outhouse or even an attic could be further short term kitchen relocation options but everyone’s home is different, as are people’s news and requirements.

Realistically, all you need is a table, microwave, compact refrigerator and enough space to prepare and eat your meals. You can also add a compact hotplate for a little more cooking space. It might not be luxurious but it will do the job until the renovation is complete.

temporary storage units

Self Storage Route

In the majority of cases, a room remodel requires finding extra space you just don’t have. This is true especially if you want to use your garage to park your cars or for seasonal gear and more. Sometimes you don’t have a spare room to spare as a lot of garages are utilised as convenient dumping grounds and the free space within gets hoarded up pretty quickly.

Instead of living in tight quarters for months and you don’t have an infinite amount of space,  you could instead find a self-storage unit. A climate controlled storage space is particularly useful if you are able to transport your belongings to one.

Garage conversions are popular projects these days, upgrading them into living spaces is fantastic but can have the adverse short term effect as there’s a lot in most garages. The clutter and mess located in garages is a nightmare and if this is the location of your renovation then you probably don’t want that sort of thing in the house and it’s likely to be too big for a shed. Public Storage has a ton of storage unit options to help you store your stuff during a remodel just like this.

Go On Holiday to Escape

If you’d rather forgo a storage facility, another suggestion to help you stay sane during a remodel is go on holiday. It will allow you to stay stress free, avoid the hustle and bustle of the renovation and take your mind off everything.

This option is probably only viable if you’re doing a minor room or bathroom renovation that’ll take a week or less, otherwise on top of the renovation budget you will forking out for an expensive vacation on top which for most people is unrealistic.

If you are doing a bedroom makeover for example, it is highly likely that everything will have to be taken out of the room while you custom build beds, drawers, wardrobes, paint, wallpaper etc. In all probability, every square inch outside that room will be jammed packed with belongings and boxes galore. When you stop using a bedroom, whatever you put in any extra storage room is pretty air-tight, and there’s no extra place to do anything. It’s no place to live, especially if there are pets or children involved. They need as much space as they can get. In normal circumstances, if you choose to remain during the renovation, you would have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you pack up and go, you don’t have to!

Just imagine how easy it would be for a third party to decorate and erect the furniture if you were abroad? It would be bliss to return to everything all brand new and tidy having not worried at all whilst being away. If it is planned and timed correctly, it works well for the decorators and for you.

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