At Lions Removals we know how hard it can be to get everything right when it comes to making a move with your home or office, and the longer the distance between your new home and your current one the harder the process can be. That is why we have made it our mission to provide a fast and effective Northern Ireland and Ireland removals service for those that need to go that little bit further with their next move.

Moving within the United Kingdom and Ireland

In particular our specialist Ireland Removals service aims to help those that are moving from the Liverpool or the surrounding areas, such as Wirral, Warrington etc. across the sea to Ireland or Northern Ireland. We want to make the moving process as simple as possible, so you can focus on the other important parts of the move.

No Removals Job too Big or too Small

Our team of professional removals experts have plenty of years of experience helping people move to a new house, office or simply just specific items across the country, and we are here to help you do the same. Whether it is your new home, office space, or simply a piano that you require to be moved across to the North or South of Ireland, Lions Removals can take care of every step of the way, letting you sit back and relax while we do all of the packing and moving of each of your items. We regularly carry out domestic and commercial removals to Ireland, with plenty of experience for people that have moved to new homes and business office both on the mainland UK and over to Ireland.

Professional Ireland removals and storage services, committed to doing things the right way

As with all of our removals services, we provide a Merseyside to Ireland removals service that is focused on safety, speed and efficiency. Our teams of packers are experts with lots of experience, so you can trust that everything will be packaged using high-quality materials and packed in the van in the most economical way possible, not only saving money but also ensuring that nothing is damaged along the way. Our drivers are also very experienced, and will get your items to their destination in a quick and safe way that will allow you to get the moving process going as soon as possible. When your items arrive at their destination, our team will help you get everything into your new home or office so that you can set everything up the way that you want it, with minimum fuss.

removals to ireland

How to prepare for a Move?

If you are moving from the UK to Ireland then you will need to consider obtaining a quote and planning the process. If you contact our office one of our experts in Ireland removals will be able to assist you in arranging for a quote and also planning teh process. We are able to provide various services and can also assist with storage if that’s required.

How Much Does Moving to Ireland Cost?

If you are looking to move to Dublin or any other area of Ireland then it helps to understand the costs. At Lions Removals, we can help you to move home for a competitive price. If you want cheap removals then you should contact Lions Removals as we are confident that we will have a price that is right for you.

How Long Do Removals to Ireland from the UK Take?

In the majority of removal jobs, we can take a couple of days to pack up your belongings from your home and transport them to your chosen destination in Ireland. The move is always carried out efficiently but there are factors that we need to consider such as weather, especially when travelling over to Ireland.

Where in Ireland Do You Do Removals Service to and from?

We can take care of your relocation, regardless of where you are moving in Ireland. Whether it’s Northern Ireland or Dublin, Cork or any other area, we can take care of moving you, storage and looking after your items throughout the whole process.

For further details and no-obligation home survey and estimate of the cost of removals please contact us on 0151 374 0121. We provide guidance throughout the removal process when moving to Ireland.

Ireland Removals


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