Furniture Storage Facility To Fit All Needs

At Lions Removals we have built a well earned reputation for professional and reliable removals, and also for secure furniture storage units in Liverpool. We can cater for any moving or storage requirement with our adaptable fleet of vehicles, extensively trained staff and versatile storage units. When it comes to customer service, we won’t be beaten.

It doesn’t matter to us if you have 500 boxes or just a few belongings, whatever your storage requirements, our storage facility can handle them. Our assistance and expertise has been utilised by many satisfied clients over the years as they know we are both knowledgeable and capable with our excellent and fully insured storage services.

Going The Extra Mile

We pride ourselves on loyalty, efficiency and delivering on our promises. You can trust us to take good care of your goods and belongings whether you need us to house them for a few weeks, transport them from a current address to a new home, or both! Our helpful staff are on hand to provide specialist guidance and advice on what storage units would best suit your needs. Our range can accommodate a variety of sizes and volumes so it’s important we consult with you to ensure that we fully understand your storage requirements and can offer the best solution.

Storage Units in Liverpool

Comprehensive Service and Secure Facility Location

The experience and broad wealth of knowledge we have accumulated means we regularly store different items on a continuous basis from entire house furniture content like sofas, kitchen tables and televisions to confidential business documents that offices need off the premises. We do archiving and filing systems for many companies, help students look after their things in between their living arrangements and can be there for you when your partner thinks you’re cleared the garage out but you don’t want to get rid of your favourite things completely.

Our storage Unit are state of the art and run by professional experienced staff that are regularly monitored and trained to the highest standards. The premises have gated access, 24 hour CCTV coverage and a monitored alarm system for ultimate protection and customer assurance. We offer quick access and a proficient verification system for documents you may need to view or gather in a hurry or on a regular basis.

Liverpool Storage Units are available at your request

Storage Solutions at the right cost without wasting money is a tailored service. Our staff are on hand to advise and assist you with the many options we have available. Please get in touch via the form below or call the office on 0151 374 0121.

Frequently Asked Storage Questions

How much furniture fits in a storage unit?

We have the capacity to cater for small or large storage needs in our storage units which come in various sizes. For example we could store 10 boxes for a student wanting temporary storage, or store the full contents of a 6 bedroom house. Contact us to get a sample quote.

Are your storage units secure?

Yes our storage facilities have gated access, 24 hour CCTV coverage and a monitored alarm system for ultimate protection and customer assurance.

Do you offer business storage facilities?

Yes we offer archive storage facilities for businesses.

How do I access my storage unit?

Simply contact us to arrange access as and when required.

How long can I store my items?

You can leave your household furniture or business items in storage as long as you require.

Are my items in storage insured?

Yes all items that are stored in our units are insured against fire or theft.


Lions Removals Provides Safe, Secure, and Professional Domestic and Commercial Storage Solutions in Liverpool and the Surrounding Areas.


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